Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kicking Off My Weight Loss Challenge

I've struggled with weight all my life. From my earliest memories as a child I was always the fat kid, who was too slow, too weak and couldn't even do a single push-up in gym class. The trend continued in to my 20s where I got slim for a little while but that didn't last as beer and cheeseburgers called my name. 

Now in my 30s I struggle with weight big time since I'm always "too busy" with work and raising my son, so instead of cooking something healthy I run out and grab a pizza or chinese food instead of taking care of myself like I deserve.


Because of that I'm starting my 30 day weight loss challenge to myself, and I'll be posting the results regularly on the site to keep myself in check and I hope anyone out there who is reading this keeps me accountable when I let myself down by not working hard enough.

I debated a few diets, at first I was thinking about the Atkins diet because I know a lot of people who have lost weight with it, but honestly I don't think I can live without carbs. I'm one of those people who needs to have at least a slice of bread every now and again and I didnt like how with Atkins you mess up once and the diet is ruined. 

I do like the principles of low carb dieting though, so as a compromise I've decided to do the medifast diet because it sounds a lot more reasonable than Atkins. I know it wont be easy, and I'm sure the food tastes terrible as all freeze dried foods do, but at least they have brownies and stuff I can eat when I'm feeling like I need a few carbs (albeit not a lot). 

So with that please wish me luck and I will make sure I post regularly so you can all keep tabs on me.  I hope that you will all be encouraging and remember that putting my weight loss issues out in the public eye is not something I take lightly so please be kind and supportive!